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Why? Corporate Social Initiative

At GraduateTutor.com, we believe that every activity one does must in some way enrich the community as a whole. So as part of our corporate social responsibility, we set aside part of our revenues on programs that we believe will enrich the community we live in and serve.

We believe our stakeholder community comprises of the following groups of people.

  • Graduate students
  • Other students in general;
  • Faculty; and
  • Families of the above

One of the corporate social initiatives for 2011-12 is a student scholarship program.  The scholarship competition was designed to serve students who are one of our key stakeholders. We believe that this scholarship model selected will help students by gathering in one location advice on a range of topics that will benefit the student community as a whole. Topics on which students can advice each other include managing loans, internships, choosing careers, best books in business, managing stress, etc.  Any other topic that they believe will be beneficial to the student community at large is game!

If you have any suggestions on other corporate social initiatives that we can consider, please email us at care @ gradautetutor.com.