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Have a Career Plan

Submitted by Marilyn in November 2012


The advice that I as a student would give other students first is to have a career plan in mind before deciding to attend any College. Afterwards, take time to seek some help in preparing an educational objective plan and a long term educational plan. This would mainly help to achieve your goals each semester. According to this web site, Time Management Help. Time Management for College Students, 2005-2012. Sun.14 Nov. (2005-2012), para.4 which quoted map a plan to achieve your goals. Counselors can provide guidance and a sense of direction for students, so consider getting some help. Most Colleges offer resources which all students should take advantage of because it truly does help.

These are some of the services offered:

● Counseling

● Transfer

● Assessment

● Career

● Financial

● Job

● Tutoring

The College provides assessment testing for students with the purpose of evaluating their academic potential. These tests help to determine the student’s accurate career placement and occupational interests which measures for aptitudes that are best for that student.

Students must be willing to demonstrate dedication towards making their plans and goals a reality. If this is what a student wants, then they must be willing to make the sacrifices in your life to make it happen. As a student, discipline yourself because it is vital. Communicating with other classmates and teachers can help get the assistance when needed. Ask questions and do not think that the question is dumb because there are no dumb questions.

In order to create a habit, students need to set aside time to study and time to do the assignments. According to the web site, Time-Management-Guide. Time-Management-Guide.com. Student time management tips, 2002. Sun.14 Nov. (2002), para.1 which quoted that well-developed student time management skills are a foundation of good study habits. Stay ahead in your classes to avoid not getting plenty of rest. Students should get some rest when needed because it helps to recharge and refresh them so that they can have a clear mind to gain that knowledge. As s student, always take notes because this helps when studying for tests. Prioritize the assignments in order of deadlines before doing anything else because this is important. Another great organization tool is a weekly task list; a list of all assignments, quizzes, and exams due for the following week,   quoted by Rasmussen College. Rasmussen.edu. Time Management for Students, 2012. Sun.14 Nov. (2012), para.6.

In conclusion, the above advice that I can give other students does not guarantee success because there are many other factors involved. One of the most significant traditions to succeed as a student would be to experience failure, endure it and do not quit. Do your best, to hope and pray for your success. By not succeeding towards your ambitions, keep moving forward.  As a student, we all have failures to tackle which is normal.

These are just a few of those failures that some students encounter:

It is low grades in a course

It is the failing of test

It is the rejected papers

The main key to failure is to confront it and learn from it. Sometimes your accomplishments may come, and it may offset out the failures. Finally, as a student, to accomplish those achievements, it is essential to have support and encouragement which would help make success meaningful.

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