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Be Well Connected

Submitted by Yahel in November 2012

The best advice I could give a business student, either in college or high school, would be to be well connected with people. Know people in high places that can get you the step up from everyone else in the business world. For example, if you are trying to get into the business field of sports marketing and you really don’t know what that job details or how you could acquire the skills to succeed in that field. Then a great way to start is to find your local baseball field’s marketing section or any sports around the area with marketing teams or sports radio station and ask them how they got started in the marketing aspect of sports. For me knowing people who work for ISP sports/IMG Worldwide in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina and wanting to get into sports marketing they can help me out a lot more than just going into a business related field or anything in business  blindly. So having contacts in high places and knowing how network very well in the business field would give you a huge step up over everyone else.

Also a few other very important advices that I could give a business student would be to be reliable and no matter what business field you go into or how much contacts or how well you network in your business interest, your first impression always counts. If you can have a great first impression in an interview or in an internship that you do while in college then you have a better chance to stand out and be remembered within that field.  So after having a great first impression the next part would be network very well if you don’t already know people or are connect with people in that field. Being a reliable and honest person can get you a very long way in business and it can open so many doors for you.

By having a great first impression, being reliable and honest, networking and being well connect with people in your business field can take you a long way and should open many doors to the interesting and complex world that is business.

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