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Achieve Your Goals

Submitted by Mr. Rodriguez in November 2012


Business students, like any other students, go to college to succeed by gaining the right education and knowledge to maintain a steady career that pays well and that they know they will enjoy doing for the rest of their lives. The highest aspiration of a business student is to of course, own and run their own business. In today’s economy however, starting up your own business is not an easy task to accomplish. Whether you desire to open up your own business, become an accountant, budget analyst, credit manager, economist, or whichever other business related career you want to work in, there are 3 recommended steps that you should take to achieve your goal without wasting any time and resources.

Step 1: Decide exactly which job you want to work in. Business Administration is a huge field with many different jobs that will require different skills and experiences. The sooner you decide exactly which job you want, the better off you will be and the more time and money you will save. To help make up your mind, visit different counselors in your campus, go to as many job fairs as you can, and browse the internet for more information in regards to job description, salary, and other important aspects about that particular job. Talk to as many professionals as you can and get as much information as possible. The more you know about a certain job, the sooner you will find out if that particular job is right for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve decided which job you would like to spend to the rest of your life doing, talk to advisors and counselors so they can start you out in the right path to your career. You want to make sure that you’re taking the right classes and not just wasting your time. While going to school, talk to professors and other professionals, keep going to job fairs and network as much as you can. Meeting the right people will open new doors for you that will facilitate your chances of landing that dream job you’ve always wanted to have. You’ll probably have to start from the bottom and work your way up, but even an entry level position will start leading you in the right direction by giving you the experience you need to get promoted or to land a bigger job. Remember, any company or person who’s looking to hire someone will look at different things before coming up with a decision. But the MAIN things they will look for are: character, skills, experience, and education. The more experience and education you have, the more you will succeed because that is what every boss is looking for. Finding a job (even if it’s a simply job) that is in some way associated with your career is crucial.

Step 3: Now that you have made up your mind about exactly which career you want to pursue and are taking the right classes, the last step is to set higher goals for yourself and try to achieve those new goals. If you have not already found a job associated with your studies, make this one of your top priorities! If you want to become an accountant, working at McDonalds is not going to help you much, even if you have a master’s degree in business. Remember, you will need education AND experience to get to the top of the chain. Education by itself simply will not cut it. Once you’ve found a job associated with your career, and are taking the right classes, there is no one who can stop you. Continue on with your studies and try to advance in your career by getting promotions or transferring to different places that will help you rise through the ranks.

It will take you time, hard work, dedication, and a lot of studying, but if you put forth the effort, it will pay off. If you follow these three important steps, you will become the best business man, accountant, sales rep, financial adviser, sales manager, financial analyst, etc. that the world has come across. Plan ahead of time, make smart decisions, continue studying, network with the right people, and work your way up through the ranks. Overtime, your hard efforts will get you wherever it is that you wish to go.

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