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A Lesson from my Mama

Submitted by Pavlovic in November 2012


Being a business student is not always easy (as if it’s easier for any other student). No we are equally destitute and equally weighed. A few tips that will help you through your career as a business student and your career once you graduate.

  1. Never take yourself too seriously (it’s too taxing).
  2. Don’t just act confident be confident!
  3. Know your material. Whether you are in school or at a job presentation it is soooo important to know what you’re talking about.
  4. Time is money. Literally. I learned this from working at my family’s restaurant, knowing the faster I could make a sandwich, the faster we’d get money.
  5. Reach for the stars… Sure there might be thousands of other people striving to get that job, but you have to be the one that stands out. You have to reach for the stars, put yourself out there and just be you. That’s what my mama always taught me.

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