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Business Math, Statistical data Analysis & Descriptive Statistics

Math shows up in all aspects of business. It is fundamental mathematical concepts that drive many business computations such as computing sales price, price discounts, volume discounts, cost of production, depreciation, valuing assets, etc. More advanced mathematical and statistical methods such as calculus, probability, decision trees, statistical data analysis, descriptive statistics and regression analysis are used for other aspects of business such as forecasting, modeling uncertainty, options pricing and investment analysis. provides tutoring for all your needs from basic math and statistical data analysis to tutoring in advanced math and statistical methods such as regression analysis, and multiple regression model building that show up in business school programs.


MBA students will have many courses that draw upon math concepts extensively. Our MBA tutors are well positioned to tutor MBA students on most of these courses from introductory data analysis to options modeling courses.


Topics include:

  • Fundamental arithmetic
  • Compound interest
  • Mortgages interest
  • Percentages
  • Math for personal investments
  • Probability
  • Applied algebra
  • Statistical data Analysis
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • And many more….


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