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Excel intermediate: Excel tips and formulae to boost productivity

Learn Excel tips and formulae online for higher productivity. If you use Microsoft Excel for work, you can save yourself significant amounts of time with improved Excel skills.


If your job involves compiling data, reviewing data, summarizing data, analyzing data, and or preparing and maintaining reports, it is highly likely that you will be using Microsoft Excel.


If your job involves decision-making, chances are you will be involved in building analytical models that assist you or your team in making decisions that increase profits, reduce costs or increase operational efficiency.


We believe that every hour invested in improving your Excel skills will save you 50-100 hours during the course of the year if you use Excel regularly at work. That is a phenomenal 50x-100x return on invested time!


At this level you will be able to independently build Excel models for various purposes such as a financial model for a business plan, or a discounted cash flow model for an investment opportunity or the operational metrics for a manufacturing company.


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