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Discriminant Analysis Tutoring & Homework Help

Discriminant analysis is a statistical technique widely used in the business world. Discriminant analysis is ued to forecast the outcome of a variety of variables that impact the profitability of a business. Classic examples of the applicantion of discriminant analysis include:

  • Using discriminant analysis to perform an default risk evaluation of loan applicants;

  • Discriminant analysis benchmarking of potential job applicants;

  • Forecasting insurance risk using discriminant analysis;

  • Predicting academic performance from historical data using discriminant analysis;

  • Developing auditing patterns using discriminant analysis;

  • Fraud management using discriminant analysis; etc

Discriminant analysis uses information available in a set of independent variables to predict the value of a discrete or categorical, dependent variable. Discriminant Analysis can be performed using microsoft excel spreadsheets or other spreadsheets that have similar spreadsheet modeling features. The foundations of the discriminnt analysis is built on the simple linear regression and multiple linear regression techniques.


Graduate Tutor's Statistics Tutor Group can tutor you in a theory and application of discriminant analysis. The following is a sample of the topics you can get online tutoring or homework help with a private tutor.


The Two-Group Discriminant Analysis Problem 
Group Locations and Centroids using Discriminant Analysis
Calculating Discriminant Scores 
The Classification Rule for the Two-Group Discriminant Analysis Problem
Refining the Cutoff Value the Two-Group Discriminant Analysis Problem
Classification Accuracy 
Classifying New Employees using Discriminant Analysis
The k-Group Discriminant Analysis Problem 
Multiple Discriminant Analysis 
Distance Measures
MDA Classification
Application of Discriminant Analysis to a variety of problems to reinforce the concepts and implementation in business situations


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