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Accounting Help

Accounting is the language of business. To be effective in business, it is important to understand the language of business. Our expert accounting tutors can provide you with accounting help for any purpose including:

  • Preparing for a new career or a new assignment at work;

  • Getting a head start on your MBA / other graduate program(s); or

  • Preparing for your accounting exams - graduate or undergraduate, CPA or other professional exam(s).

Financial accounting or management accounting

Our accounting tutors include current and retired accounting faculty and industry professionals who can provide you with accounting help in both financial accounting and management accounting. They are familiar with the widely used financial accounting and management accounting textbooks and publishers.

Accounting help

Our accounting tutors can provide you with a variety of accounting help.  We have classified our accounting help into three types for ease of operation.


Accounting 101: The Accounting 101 tutorial covers most general topics you want to learn in the world of accounting.  Topics range from accounting for revenues, depreciation, capital expenses and pre-operating expenses to anything else you would like to learn.


Accounting Pro: If you are looking for assistance with more advanced accounting topics or if you are a business professional who wants to quickly get familiar with specific areas of accounting, we can arrange for special classes tailored to your requirements.


Accounting boot camp: If you want to get a complete overview of accounting for any reason, be it to get a head start on your MBA program, get prepared for your new role at work or get ready for your new business, we can tailor a program to fit your needs and schedule. (Special pricing is available for various accounting tutorial packages.)

Accounting tutors

Accounting help may be derived from a number of sources. However, not all sources are equal. Good accounting tutors can help you break down complex accounting topics so much better than textbooks or recorded presentations can. Our accounting tutors are seasoned experts drawn from a variety of backgrounds and include former and current auditors, industry professionals, management consultants, academics and professors.


Sample courses

15.401*Finance Theory I (MIT Sloan)
15.402 Finance Theory II (MIT Sloan)
15.501 Corporate Financial Accounting (MIT Sloan)
15.515 Financial Accounting (Sloan MBA)
15.521 Management Accounting and Control (MIT Sloan)
15.535 Business Analysis Using Financial Statements (MIT Sloan)
220A - Intermediate Financial Accounting I (UCLA)
220B - Intermediate Financial Accounting II (UCLA)
222 - Management Accounting (UCLA)
228 - Financial Statement Analysis (UCLA)
2311 Accounting (SMU-COX)
403 - Financial Accounting (UCLA UG)
403 - Financial Accounting (UCLA)
464 - Financial Accounting (UCLA)
478 - Financial Statement Analysis (UCLA)
6201 Financial Accounting I (SMU-COX)
6303   Managerial Accounting (SMU-COX)
6322   Financial Accounting (SMU-COX)
6323   Business Finance (SMU-COX)
6326   Statistics (SMU-COX)
ACC 200 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting (NCSU)
ACC 210 - Concepts of Financial Reporting (NCSU)
ACC 310 - Intermediate Financial Accounting I (NCSU)
ACC 311 - Intermediate Financial Accounting II (NCSU)
ACC 330 - An Introduction To Income Taxation (NCSU)
ACC 340 - Accounting Information Systems (NCSU)
ACC 410 - Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting (NCSU)
ACC 411 - Business Valuation (NCSU)
ACC 420 - Strategic Finance and Planning (NCSU)
ACC 440 - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (NCSU)
ACC 450 - Risk and Assurance (NCSU)
ACC 451 - Internal Auditing (NCSU)
ACC 470 - Accounting Theory (NCSU)
ACC 480 - Accelerated Survey of Financial and Management Accounting (NCSU)
ACC 490 - Senior Seminar in Accounting (NCSU)
ACC 495 - Special Topics in Accounting (NCSU)
ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting I (Cox MBA)
ACCT-430-0 Accounting For Decision Making (NW)
ACCT-431-0 Managerial Accounting (NW)
ACCT-434-0 Turbo Accounting (NW)
ACCT-438-B Accounting for Decision Making (NW)
ACCT-442-0 Strategic Managerial Accounting (NW)
ACCT-451-0 Financial Reporting and Analysis (NW)
ACCT-452-0 Financial Reporting and Analysis II (NW)
B00.1001 - Accounting Workshop (NYU-Stern)
B01.1306 - Financial Accounting and Reporting (NYU-Stern)
B01.2311 Foundations of Finance (NYU-Stern)
B10.2302 - Financial Reporting and Disclosure (NYU-Stern)
B10.2303 - An Integrated Approach to Financial Statement Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B10.3335 - International Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis (NYU-Stern)
B40.2302 Corporate Finance (NYU-Stern)
B40.2331 Financial Theory I (NYU-Stern)
B40.2332 Financial Theory II (NYU-Stern)
BUS 225 - Personal Finance (NCSU)
BUS 320 - Financial Management (NCSU)
BUS 350 - Economics and Business Statistics (NCSU)
BUS 412 - Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs (NCSU)
BUS 422 - Investments and Portfolio Management  (NCSU)
BUS 425 - Advanced Personal Financial Management (NCSU)
BUS 440 - Database Management (NCSU)
BUS 443 - Decision Support Systems (NCSU)
C15.0002 Foundations of Financial Markets (NYU-Stern)
C15.0007 Financial Management (NYU-Stern)
C15.0007 Financial Management (Stern UG)
C15.0008 Corporate Finance Topics (NYU-Stern)
Finance Theory I — 15.401  (MIT Sloan)
Financial Accounting — 15.515  (MIT Sloan)
FINC-430 Finance I (NW)
FINC-440 Finance I/II (NW)
FINC-441 Finance II (NW)
FINC-442 Financial Decisions (NW)
Management 100 Introduction to Financial Accounting(UCLA)
Management 120A.  Intermediate Financial Accounting I (UCLA)
Management 120B.  Intermediate Financial Accounting II(UCLA)
Management 122.  Management Accounting(UCLA)
Management 126.  Financial Statement Analysis(UCLA)
Management 130A.  Basic Managerial Finance(UCLA)
Management 1A. Principles of Accounting. (UCLA)
Management 1B. Principles of Accounting. (UCLA)
Management MGMT 464 Managerial Accounting (UCLA)
Management MGMT 464 Financial Accounting (UCLA)
Management MGMT 126.  Financial Statement Analysis (Sloan MBA)


Accounting resources

We provide tutoring in a number of subjects including finance, statistics, operations, etc. If you are looking for accounting homework help from other sources, feel free to check out accounting tutors online too.



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